Aircraft Overview

Spectrum: Where Technology Takes Flight
We’re proud to be developing aircraft that set new standards for comfort, performance and value. During the past twenty-five years, Spectrum has invested heavily in creating new and unique technologies that allow us to build exceptionally rugged aircraft that are up to 40% lighter than aluminum airplanes of similar size, resulting in substantially lower fuel consumption – and dramatically increased efficiency.

Spectrum’s Freedom S.40 mid-size jet offers stand up cabin accommodations for as many as nine passengers with cruising speeds up 440kts (MO.77) and a maximum range of more than 2200nm.
The Independence S.33 has the highest thrust to weight ratio of any business jet, operates safely from 2500-foot runways and offers a maximum non-stop range of 2000nm – all while cutting fuel costs in half.

Spectrum Technology
Aviation progresses when the correct design and manufacturing approach is incorporated with innovation in aerodynamics, systems and engine design to create aircraft that literally soar above the rest. This was demonstrated in the last century with the introduction of revolutionary aircraft such as the DC-3. After decades dedicated to pursuit of the ultimate in flight, Spectrum is building revolutionary aircraft which will change aviation in the 21st century ... read more

Training & Support
To assure that each customer’s operational needs are addressed with world-class attention, Spectrum Aeronautical has formed Spectrum Aircraft Services, to focus specifically on customer service and support. SAS will provide a complete portfolio of services including initial and recurrent training, worldwide aircraft support and special programs to assure a unique and satisfying ownership experience... read more