Aviation progresses when the correct design and manufacturing approach is incorporated with innovation in aerodynamics, systems and engine design to create aircraft that literally soar above the rest. This was demonstrated in the last century with the introduction of revolutionary aircraft such as the DC-3. After decades dedicated to pursuit of the ultimate in flight, Spectrum is building revolutionary aircraft which will change aviation in the 21st century.

Spectrum’s success begins with a remarkable material called fibeX®. This unique combination of carbon fiber and epoxy yields excellent strength to weight ratios, and has advantages over earlier generation composites because of its automated fabrication and application flexibility.

The remarkable physical properties of fibeX® are further enhanced by Spectrum’s use of cutting edge structural design and manufacturing approaches that have been carefully developed to take maximum advantage of the material’s inherent characteristics. Manufacturability and the requirements of FAA certification have guided Spectrum’s development from the beginning, always with an eye toward delivering superior aircraft to satisfied customers.


In addition to building better composite airframes, Spectrum incorporates many other innovations. Recently, there has been remarkable progress in areas including: electric actuators, LED lighting systems, digital power distribution, electronically shaded transparencies and, perhaps most significantly, engines and avionics.

Spectrum’s Freedom S.40 will have a remarkably efficient and economical powerplant built by a joint venture of two of the world’s most trusted engine producers: General Electric and Honda. The GE Honda Aero Engine’s HF120 is the result of nearly two decades of research and development, and it benefits handsomely from the expertise of its parent companies. By delivering more than two-thousand pounds of thrust per engine, combined with exceptional fuel efficiency and 5,000 hour time between overhauls, the HF120 is the perfect match for the Freedom S.40.

Spectrum’s Independence S.33 is powered by the Williams International FJ33. The FJ33 enjoys an outstanding technical legacy from a company that has pioneered many key innovations in delivering better small turbine engines and has long earned industry accolades for exceptional reliability and support.

The flight decks of Spectrum’s aircraft offer the very best in full capability, integrated, digital avionics. The Honeywell Primus Apex system provides unprecedented functionality, situational awareness, and reliability to the Freedom S.40. This remarkable avionics package has inherited features and hardware from Honeywell’s Primus Epic system, which is typically found only on airplanes costing many times the S.40.

Spectrum has also given great care to detail by designing for reliability and cabin accommodations that will be at the top of their class. We look forward to sharing these remarkable airplanes with you, and are confident you will find Spectrum’s technical innovations will create a unique and enjoyable ownership and operating experience.