S.33 Interior

The Independence offers the largest cabin of any light jet. With its 5’ cabin height, spacious seating and private aft-lavatory, the S.33 creates a new paradigm in light jet passenger comfort. The S.33’s large cabin windows create a feeling of spaciousness to enhance each passenger’s flight experience.

  • Galley/refreshment center
  • Electronically tinted windows
  • Externally serviced, flushing lavatory
  • Dual zone climate control
  • Cruise with a cabin altitude of 5,000’ or less
  • Five-foot cabin height
  • 1+5 seating standard
  • Low cabin noise levels
  • Plug-in stations for electronic equipment
  • Interior storage
  • 70 cubic feet of external baggage space

With the Independence, light jet owners no longer have to choose between cabin comfort and operating efficiency